Frozen Yogurt Cake-Watermarked

A little more than three years ago, my life changed. In a matter of hours I literally became a different person. My physiology was altered as different hormones coursed through my veins. My mind and body shifted into full-on nurture mode. I still find myself amazed at the depth of change that comes with motherhood.

Last weekend we celebrated my older son’s birthday. It was a blast to share in the joys of a three year old. This was the first year he had an understanding of the occasion and even had a few specific requests. We decorated the living room with balloons, I made a frozen yogurt cookie cake, and we called the events a party.

Oh the cake! It was super delicious. I grabbed the recipe from Pip & It was also quite easy to make. Mix melted butter with crushed Oreos to form a crust. Top the base crust with slightly sweetened greek yogurt. Pour on some caramel sauce. Top the sauce with more greek yogurt. Create a top layer of crust with Oreos and decorate the top with fun candy sprinkles.

All week, my toddler continues to serenade us with the birthday song when we enjoy a left over piece of birthday cake. I think we have had to tell him every night, “No, we will not light candles again tonight. Sorry.” This has been a fun and exciting new chapter in our lives, as parents, as well. Suddenly, another person’s birthday becomes a milestone or marker to notching off the accomplishment of tending to another human being. Happy birthday to my baby! Happy three years of successful experience to us as parents.

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